Hello, my name is Shirley. I've been drawing, creating merch, and exhibiting at anime/comic conventions since 2014. I currently love to create K-pop inspired merch but you'll also find merch for more series I love as well! I also aspire to create more original artwork in the future.

All of my products feature my artwork: both digital and traditional, or hand-lettered. I hope you will notice all the details and love that I put into my designs.

As for my ARMY life, I've been an ARMY since July 2018 or the FAKE LOVE era! I love BTS from the bottom of my heart and a lot of what you'll see on my shop exists out of the love and inspiration that they give me. Now, I love lots of K-pop groups and I'm fully embracing my multi-stan life. More groups that I like include TWICE, Stray Kids, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, BLACKPINK, SEVENTEEN, NewJeans, EXO, aespa, and SHINee, just to name a few!

I would say that I lead a pretty active lifestyle as an ARMY as well. I've hosted BTS cupsleeve events in Toronto and London, and I've participated as a vendor in Los Angeles and Chicago. I most recently tabled at my first K-pop convention, K-PLAY FEST in Los Angeles too. I honestly would never have imagined when I first got into BTS that my artwork would take me to so many places. You can check out my event page to see all the upcoming events I'll be at.

I consider my shop like my baby. I'm constantly working behind the scenes to design new merch, expanding my skills, and putting in so much time and energy to help it to grow. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported my shop!

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Tiktok where I post all my latest shop updates, new art pieces, work-in-progress, cupsleeve event announcements, event details, group order information, and more.

Thank you for checking out my shop!

Me at the Winter Moon cupsleeve event in Toronto in 2021.